Batik Fabric – Indonesia and Malaysia

Batik fabric is cloth which normally uses the wax-resist dyeing technique to produce such patterns. However, due to advances in the field of printing, many products are put into the category of batik even though they were not made with traditional methods. The popular and well regarded Javanese Batik has designs that are based on […]

Types of Batik

The art of decorating cloth using wax and dye is an age-old tradition and has been discovered in many parts of the world. However, the development of the technique to the highly sophisticated and intricate form known as batik first took place on the island of Java, principally in and around the royal cities of […]

The Meaning of Batik

What is batik? I can safely make this statement that while many people know or have heard about this word, especially so here in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, but many people do not, or rather, have got a wrong misconception of batik itself. In my discussions with friends and general public, many people have mistaken […]

Ancient Art Of Batik In The Modern World

With the recent economic "waking up" of global emerging markets, it would only be logical that other social segments of such markets would enjoy a revival of sort as well, and art forms of many kinds are no exception to this new found revival. An artist from such an emerging market is Rita and she […]

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